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Spirituality is a self-destructive process... Frank Yang: Nirvana, Meditation, Spiritual Awakening Enlightenment



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 Frank Yang — Consciousness

Meditation & Enlightenment

Everything stated here can be verified through your direct experience. Words are just finger pointing to the moon, not the moon itself.

4th Path (Post Enlightenment)

1st update after Realization

Q: How did your perception change after Enlightenment?

Q: What does enlightenment feel like?

Q: What is your moment-to-moment experience after Full Awakening?

Q: What exactly do you mean when you talk about Awakening/True Nature?

Q: What is WISDOM?

Q: What is the difference between Buddha, Jesus, & a finite kunt?

Q: Frank, can a person with bipolar 2 wake up? What advice would you give someone with "mental illness" for spiritual practice?

“You’re living inside a burning house“

Q: What exactly is Kundalini and chakras? And how does it relate to enlightenment?

Q: Does spiritual work increase IQ and creativity?

Non-duality to non-locality

One of many ways to get over any ex, or anything at all

Documentary “Three Identical Strangers“ as analogy for Awakening

Analogy that breaks down reality

Matrix movie as analogy for Awakening

Q: What do you see when you look into the mirror now?:

Sam Harris book & app recommendation + extra tips on how & what to paying attention to when meditating

How To Attain Maximum Freedom - Escaping The Observer/Awareness Trap

“Consciousness Transformation Selfies”

Why enlightenment is 100% certain

The Shawshank Redemption as an analogy to describe the path to liberation

Descriptions for what it feels like to perform day-to-day activities in this stateless state

The “Mind” and “True Self”

Q: What is the point of physicality of the world if everything comes down to the sensation?

Q: Why is it so hard in social environments to accept and talk about the experiences you’ve been talking about?

Book Recommendations 2020

The "Got it, lost it" syndrome

How to perform “Reverse“ Vipassana

How to experience the Buddha’s Awakening

How To Eradicate All Suffering In An Instant

What is the Three Speed Transmission?

How to Die? (Attaining Enlightenment)

How To Attain "Full Natty Enlightenment"

Why we pretend to be separate selves/How to dis-identify from awareness and disappear while being at the same time

“Losing your mind”

Q: If I Am Everything, why can’t i perceive the world from anything-other-than-me’s perspectives? Is everything simply happening “inside” or outside of me?

The Path summed up

Q: In the previous post, you mentioned Anatta (Not-Self), it sounds both terrifying and utterly does one Realize this state? And what does it feel like to live life without a self/Self?

A post on Self & Anatta

3rd meditation retreat note pt. 1

3rd meditation retreat note pt. 2 


1. Am I Natty, and how to find the most suitable program for fitness (swipe).

2. Effects of enlightenment on fitness

Conversation about how the "final step" is not Godmind or the Buddha Mind, but seeing and experiencing Dependent Origination in real time

"No MIND" DOESN'T MEAN No Thoughts/Thots!"

"Get your inner life together and your outer life will follow"

Book recommendation, “Seeing The Frees”:

Q: All perception feels like the volume turned down, but you can still be self-aware, I think there is nothingness watching a dark TV screen from a distance. Is this jhana 7?

Notes on deities & Plato

“ Just because you transcend something it doesn't mean you can't access the previous states”

Nature of sensations

How to attained "Full Enlightenment"

Description of the state after full Realization

Contemplative Fitness exercises

Awakening is not about the character waking up

3rd Path (October 2019 - May 2020)

How To Attain Cosmic Consciousness/Total Unification 101


A week with an Enlightened Thot

The first Awakened being I ever caressed

A Note on Energy transmission

How to Attain Nirvana 101

“What do you think of NoFap?“

Q: You say you perform Mental Fitness exercises 3, 4 hours a day, what is your day to day, moment to moment experience like?

Q: Could you describe a little bit more on “Awareness being a 360 degree reflecting mirror“?

Transformation pics of minds returning to our most natural state - “Spontaneous Glimpses” or “Leaking Samadhi”

Q: How Do You Make Decisions after the Realization of your true nature and the illusion of a separate self?

Q: what do you mean by “Flipping Yourself Inside Out”?

Q: What about the “Got it, lost it” phenomenon in regards to waking up to your true nature?

Q: How do you know if it’s absolutely True?

Q: How do you deal with cravings?

Q: Is there a Pill?

What are some of the best passages in explaining stuff like “Ultimate Reality”, “‘God’”, in the chapter “No-Self vs True-Self” in Daniel Ingram’s book.

How all religions, before they were corrupted and hijacked by dogmas, ideologies, rituals, concepts and beliefs were all pointing to the same

Detailed descriptions of all the jhanas and how to access them

How to perceive “Emptiness“ in real time

How To Practice Metta (Loving Kindness) for compassion gains

Is Total freedom and the end of suffering in this lifetime possible?

Q: I’ve been attempting to become aware of awareness after listening to Sam Harris and Loch Kelly, and I’ve had little success...Can you elaborate on this?

Q: Is it possible to be in the state of unconditional Love, just as induced by psychedelic drugs?

How can we contemplate on the Now

"OUT OF BODY Experience" vs. Lucid Dreaming


Q: How do you maintain the state, connect with others & keep growing yourself/playing your character?

“The Last Dance“ documentary as an analogy for Meditation & Awareness

Q: WHAT is your thoughts on DEATH? Do you think consciousness is separable from this meat suit? Or is it some kind of energy that lives on?

What Is The Dark Night Of The Soul and what did it feel like for you?


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