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Spiritual stuff:  ZeRoEng - Payhip

I'm NOT a breatharian, I have not believed in it, been living it or considered myself as breatharian for some years now. I dont sustain myself because I have specific knowledge of how to do this, I cannot and will not take that credit. My only involvement in this is to create a space for my body to take back its role of self sustaining itself which in turn sustains me, it does this by creating what it needs and calaborating with the elements of nature and the earths frequency , therefore the credit goes to my body and the elements. I'm simply an observer and space creater in this process. Breatharianism doesn't exist, it is an incorrect definition created by skeptics to discredit the practise not validate it, this definition has been promoted by new age fake breatharians in the new age movement, I have travelled this path personally and know this to be the sad truth, the new age movement has stolen an already incorrect term and made it their own. There needs to be a new term and definition, I propose that the term human being be that new term as we do not need to be defined by what we ingest instead we need to be defined by who we are and what we do. We ARE HUMAN and we are BEING. So I am NOT a breatharian, I AM a HUMAN BEING.

Most new agers assume that breatharianism gets its name because of the idea that all you do is breath air, infact it is how it got its new age name but in true new age style it was not given this name by anyone actually living it, this title is incorrect and implies that your body doesn't even exist or function with any wisdom or consciousness. This makes no sense at all seeing as though it creates life in the shape of sperm and eggs. Infact who would this new age name/definition make sense too, it would make sense to a lazy person that is actually already too distracted by other things to question or focus on what is really going on with the body. Breatharianism by definition doesn't exist because we ingest liquids in the form of saliva, but few recognise this or want to hear this because they are too invested in their sweet talking guru's that validate their need to lie and pretend to be food free. So now if breatharianism doesnt exist what fantasy do we cling to next, what is the next thing that is going to seperate us from the regular uneducated folks with no talent, who is going to be the next guru sensation that we can put up on a pedastal then pick to pieces. If breatharianism doesnt exist what next!?....This will be interesting to watch this year, for me its all over, I done saw the movie and bought the t-shirt, the breatharian dream is just a cruel nightmare that you really dont need, this year, I'm excited about getting into the real shit, using my own knowledge, ignoring the new age guru groupies and living with real integrity.

While the new age movements interpretation of going food free A.K.A breatharianism/scam is by far the most popular if not the leading version of going food free, one of the many details that is not talked about is the level of work, dedication, inteligence, commitment and integrity involved, I have probably been one of very few if not the only person out there that tries to warn people and try to put back what the new age movement misses out, if you listened to the new age breatharian scam guru's you would probably get the idea that all you need to do is breathing exercises and meditation, sing songs, bang drums while dancing around a tree and everything is done after 3-8 days, after that your a breatharian and you can go and live food free happily ever after. I can tell you that this idea is total bullshit and is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, the problem with the new age movement is that they are lazy, all the relevant and important details of this path that depend on you putting in hardcore work are ignored/taken out and replaced with spiritual NLP, I'm not against meditation, love and light or people doing what they need to do while they are on this path as long as they are putting in the work. In my fruitarian days I warned everybody that going fruitarian was possible but involved years of hard work to do it consistantly and its no different with going food free, I'm not going to lie and say its fun because its not, even when your advanced its liberating but still tough. Its working towards going through a sick and dysfunctional society unsedated with a view to making a permanant transition, its like being a recovering drug addict to be honest but is better than eating shit and dying with no hope of relief, at least this way you get relief. As the saying goes, I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Personally I no longer use the term breatharian, I use the term human as I do not want to be defined by what I ingest and society has forgotten what it is to be human, it has forgotten the value of the human body and the true spiritual human experience, which for me is falling in love and taking care of your family, living with minimal possesions and interacting with clear and vital people. Going food free is not about being a spirirually interlectual and knowing every conspiracy theory, what forms an atom or taking L.S.D/DMT/ayauasca or knowing the angel/ascended masters or everything about the mayans, its about getting down to the real you, raw and uncovered. To do this can be very traumatic and painful, I've seen it drive some people insane but thats mostly because they go too fast and listen to their minds/ego's instead of serving their bodies, this happens because nobody wants to wait and go by their bodies wisdom, the new age movement has successfully erased the efforts of the body. This is a huge crime and injustice. If you are drawn to going food free forget about breatharianism, its a scam, look to going liquidarian and reducing your intake over time.


They say you can change your DNA via your thoughts, I can believe this but I dont believe its as easy as just thinking your change into existance. I dont believe its really down to the individual, if its even possible I believe it would be down to the bodies own conciousness, after all this would be how evolution occurrs, not because of what our minds want but because of the needs of the body, other wise if it was down to our minds we would all have various food items as body parts, pizza slices for arms and burgers for legs, ha,ha.

The problem with the breatharian scam is that nobody knows the real long term outcome, I'm not talking about days or weeks, I'm talking years, many have tried but failed and were too ashamed to admit they failed and instead of being honest they made up or invested in so called ancient teachings that are just as corrupted. I know when someone isnt legit because they will still use the term breatharian. The beginners wont know the difference between truth or lies but using the term breatharian is a big indication that the guru knows nothing, the beginners are the ones that maintain the lie, they brag and boast to their friends and seek examples to prove their point, they dont even know if their examples are for real or not, they want to use every example but themselves, there are few true students that actually get it and are willing to seek the truth/learn the process. Another problem with the breatharian scam is that it has been made into a spiritual practise. Its seen as spiritual partly because of religion/the bible/the new age movement guru's but that just shows that society was clouding their judgement/polluting their bodies with food even back in the days of jesus, because they were doing it back then doesn't mean it was the correct thing to do. Even if you are not living the lifestyle I challenge you to question the validity of the term breatharian and question the breatharian guru's you give so much money and power to, there is a reason why many have died trying to live up to this false definition. If your on the path I advise you to not trust anybody and protect your sacred space, learn your trade, dont compromise your intuition ever.
Before we can talk about freedom and fighting for it we first must realise that we are in an open prison of a society. Unlike the new age movement I do not believe there are the unenlightened, I believe people know exactly what they are doing, they simply cannot break the cycle or they dont want to. Theres inteligent people out there that know how to manipulate your mind and get you to do what ever they want you to do, they know how to use things as simple as colour, symbols and words, these people are bored with life, their brains move/think faster than others and they use this to their advantage, while you think of sedation they are thinking of how to get you to pay for their sedation, they are your guru's, your drug/food pushers and others that want your money/power. I've seen people with no interest in a product buy it just because of the NLP inspired description. Its not so sinister, its just economics, people want your money and attention, they want repeat business, its as simple as that. You giving your money to them keeps them in the hot seat and living a great life, the new age movement calls this manifestation, problem is that everybody is trying to do it. Many in society don't get a chance to enjoy the money they earn because as soon as they get it it goes out again thus maintaining the cycle of slavery, maybe all you pay is bills or maybe you want the latest playstation, the problem is that your money is valued more than you are. I personally know guru's that live a very good life by taking peoples power/money but give back nothing but what the individual wants to believe/fantasy. There's nothing wrong with buying the things you like/want but I think there is a difference between doing what makes you happy and compromising your own value and inteligence. I love money and I want as much of it as possible so I can exchange things with it, I have nothing against money, I understand its a tool, I just draw the line at screwing people over to get it. Think about it, what makes a horse allow you to ride it or make it work when it can simply over power you and leave, what makes a lion do tricks when it can savage you instead, what makes people slaves, what kind of person takes someone else as a slave then creates a program to keep someone a slave. What makes someone allow themselves to be made into a slave and what makes a person maintain their own slavery. Inteligence, there's people that will use it while there are others that dont find it important because they are not driven by it. While you think about peace and play, others are thinking about how they can get you to increase their peace and play. If you do not value your own existance then you show others that they dont have to value it either, these inteligent minds take you as their slaves because they see you as mindless consumers/useless eaters for the taking. Its what you show them because you take part in the universal lie/system in which there are no rules and everybody is there for the taking, women/children can be raped, everybody can be drugged/mutated with food/alcohol, men can be made to fight each other for sport/money, all kinds of mayhem and injustice is acceptable, happiness is based on how much money you can get your hands on and how much you can abuse your body with it, its all a part of the game and its a choice, you do have a choice as to how you want to spend your life here and by taking part in this corrupt system you accept the term and conditions thus sealing your fate.
Over the years I've seen the movers and shakers, the wanna be guru's, the truth seekers and the students. One thing I've learnt is that those people/guru's that claim or give the impression that they know more than you are only sharing their transition, this is nothing to learn from as these are just steps to your destination, most of these steps are your mistakes and this is what you learn from. Once you have reached your destination you can talk about your experience. They do these youtube videos talking about what they think is true shit but they are only talking about their steps, small steps at that. People dont know any better and the weaker followers/window shoppers give them power/stroke their ego. This is why the new age movement in particular is so flawed, the info is short lived and built on sand. The raw food movement is a classic example, after all the video's, books, interviews, summits, conferences there are no longer any of the raw food guru's left, they have all gone back to cooked food or they have gone against what they preached. I know most people dont start out wanting to be a guru when they make these vids and many have great intentions and just want to help others but they are really not helping people, infact they are doing the opposite by spoon feeding their baby steps/transition, a transition that has no end result in sight, a result that you can choose to replicate or dismiss.
My experience is that if people are inspired by you generally they will follow your story/progress but they are actually intimidated by your success and would rather you have flaws. Just like the person that more comfortable being trained by a fat out of shape personal trainer. I'm coming to terms with the fact that I will more than likely not get much help to do the things I want because I dont do the things that connect people such as party, drugs, alcohol, etc. When you have integrity in this society you isolate yourself as those without integrity are for the most part the ones that take/steal what they want regardless of it being right or wrong, while your still trying to do whats right.
If you have a guru or someone you look up to then walk along side them, never get in their way, just walk along side them, if they fall short of what they preach then pick a new guru. Never sit and watch a guru, never break bread with them, you will never be able to hold their words and actions accountable that way. With the knowledge these gurus claim to have they should be living to a much higher standard by now....think about that.

The way to tell a fake guru is if they are in a rush to tell you what to do and if they want to share their knowledge with everybody and anybody. These people do not hold space for anybody, they are only stroking their own ego. There is no one size fits all way of teaching, its all a very personal journey in which you must remind a person of what they already have, to teach is to take away a persons power, to force feed the idea that they are nothing without your knowledge. Don't accept knowledge. It takes supreme responcibility, strength, dedication and dicipline to hold space for people in order for them to have the space to go through their own process of empowerment. Holding space and being able to walk away, not teaching and economics is what its all about, few can do this.
What is PRANA? I've asked this question but nobody can give me a flawless and consistant answer, in the new age movement PRANA is what ever bullshit fantasy the deluded brainwashed individual wants it to be. If PRANA is what people say it is then how can people teach you how to increase it if they are eating food as the food would be draining your prana resourse NOT increasing it. You cannot top up your PRANA with more PRANA from an external source as this is the same messed up philosophy that society has with cooked food where you get NUTRITION from food, again...IF THIS WAS THE CASE WE WOULD ALL BE IMMORTAL AND WOULD NEVER DIE OR GET SICK. If you truly believed in PRANA as a LIFEFORCE then you would realise that eating automatically degrades/contaminates your PRANA supply, you would also realise that YOU are the SOURCE and not any external SUPER FOOD or SPIRITUAL PRACTISE!!!! You would realise that in actual fact that if PRANA did exist its your own BODY that creates it!!!! You would realise that this wholistic process is a team effort led by your own chemical factory called THE BODY!!!! New age movement would have you believe that PRANA is some mystical force from the heavens that you can tap into but the TRUTH is that if it exists then its YOU, YOU ARE PRANA AND PRANA IS YOU!!!! YOU ARE PRANA but PRANA is only a part of a bigger event/process within your body. The new age movement fake azz leaders would have you believe that they can teach you how to manipulate PRANA and this makes them holy people, think about it....HOW CAN YOU MANIPULATE PRANA YET STILL BE LIVING AND EATING LIKE A DRUG ADDICT? If you know better you would be able to do better. People dont think about that or any of the other lies when they are going to these bullshit Breatharian talks/workshops, I challenge you to look at your belief system and your guru's, I challenge you to look at the company you keep, the groups you get into, are they moving forward correctly or are they egotisical and ungrounded??? PRANA is a word like all the terms in the new age movement that is made up..they see one term, then create their own word and then that word is twisted and distorted to mean absolutely nothing. I can understand if PRANA was another word for LIFEFORCE but if it was then you could also take it to mean SPIRIT or SOUL which are all apart of the BODY as MIND, BODY and SOUL are all ONE/YOU!
In an ideal world as humans we would have no purpose in life, our only purpose would be to live, only in a f*&ked up world do we have one true purpose and this purpose is to return to our natural state, how we do that is up for much heated debate. Veganisim, Fruitarianism and Breatharianism are all useless distractions, as long as humans are toxic addicts they will always kill animals for food, as long as humans can taste sweet fruits they will always kill plants/fruits for food, as long as the false definition of breatharianism continues to be promoted there will always be insane/ungrounded people secretly eating both animals and plants while claiming to be Gods. The fight humans put up to be free is a pathetic one when you compare it to the bigger picture. Beware of false prophets/guru's, there are many people that are simply lying to you for money.
Who are my teachers, no one! I look to the plants and animals for my external/visual experience/insights. My knowledge comes from my own body, I don't need to know shit because everything is already taken care of by my body. All I need to do is get everything else out of the way so it can go about its work. I have no intention to label what I do and dictate what my path is and I have no expectations as to what is going to happen to me in the future and I know not to question because only my body can tell what it needs to do at any one moment. My job is to go with its flow, not faster or slower but with the flow. People involved with the breatharian scam are playing a very dangerous game, they do not know what happens yet they dictate what happens based on new age fairy tales and urban legend, this never ends well as people are striving to attain something that will never happen. They turn something very simple and sacred into rocket science just so you believe that you need their teachings!
When it comes to Breatharianism what is a FAKE!? In my humble opinion, you are not a fake because you make mistakes, choose to transition slowly or because you cleanse. Your not a FAKE because you cleanse or do what you need to do to get clean. Your not a FAKE because some STRANGER makes a video on youtube about you or writes an article on the internet.

True STUDENTS of the practise can NEVER be FAKES! True students know that the journey is long and hard and there are many ups and downs and that you learn from your mistakes, there is no time limit on this journey and there is no one size fits all program. In my opinion when it comes to this lifestyle a FAKE is someone that PRETENDS to be a master/teacher and PRETENDS to teach students.

In my opinion there is no such thing as a MASTER because we are all learning and the learning never stops.
I tell you how dangerous this new age breatharian scam is. I get questions from people all over the world and I come across many women asking if they should feed their babies breast milk because they want to follow the example of Akahi and camilla. The concept that breatharians have nothing is false, its a scam maintained to create wonder and mystic not to mention increase the income of the guru's.
The problem with the breatharian scam and the new age movements interpretation/lie is that they do not actually consider not ever eating again. This is everything, this is what it all boils down to, this is what everybody is afraid of and dont talk about but this doesn't even come on the radar for them. The idea is not to not eat sometimes, its to not eat again. I can tell you the experience is not cool/divine or enlightening, the enlightening part is the realisation that you are not offended by the concept of being a natural food free human, being food free isn't Godly, being food free is liberating but staying food free for ever is a day to day commitment, it teaches you to live in the moment while being triggered by your addictions, its just not cool in this society because your like a recovering junkie/alcoholic. This is how I can tell if a guru is being truthfull, its the experience of the fight, its knowing the fight, its the living and learning, its being able to re-tell your story with no gaps inbetween. When it comes to the breatharian scam the new age movement stops well short and misses out all the bits/info you need.

nonduality stuff:  ZeRoEng - Payhip


Anonimo ha detto…
just an arrow pointing to a possibility . . . within the vast reflections of creation here . . .

the holy spirit , espiritu santo - within the embrace of the pacific , and truly ; the spirit within the unseen heart is the place to be when one is called to BEING in transcendence . . .

contact if U wish . soon no email will serve anymore
to do that . otherwise just fly and come . when all else in the world is finally done . call it the journey into the ..sacred garden..

let that be enough


in honor of the revealed integrity within U
G force 9 ha detto…
in my search within and outside on the true nature of being human, no-one has been as real down to Earth as J G Sunfire. He has it stot on and I wish I new where he is so I would go and meet him to become his partner, in deeds and all that there is, to FINALLY start living for real and build a new school of Life
Rain man ha detto…
very well said .Truth has a vibration all its own.
Rain man ha detto…
Very well said. the most sensible thing Ihave read in a very long time. Truth has a vibration all its own.
Anonimo ha detto…
I personally belive in Prana. It is not other than our consciousness, it is us, there's no other way of saying this, indeed it is quite indescribable. EVERYBODY already lives off of Prana, even the Murder King addict lives because of Prana. When we eat however, we cannot utilize our Prana 100%, the more and heavier we eat and the less we drink (for water is the detox agent), the more of our Prana energy goes to eliminate the food poisoning, so the less % of our Prana can go to live life and rejuvenate the body, making us prematurally sick and deet. So we NEED NOT connect to any Prana, we just simply have to stop poisoning ourselves and move out of he way, so prana can do its job it is designed for, that is to give us quality life. Of course we can't just stop eating willy nilly because our food-drug ad-diction will have a thing or a few to say before that, if we stop eating while we are still hard drug addicts, the withdrawals can easily kill us. So it is typical junkie with or without you dilemma, we know that it fucks up our lives, but we can't stop becuase of the attachment. The problem is that not many Gurus consider it like a simple common drug addiction and they are wishy washy about it. I am still a brutal drug addict and I already know that it fucks up my life. I wish I was so fortunate as many who still think that there's no better than fruitarian. Actually I even knew back when I turned a simple vegan that food is nothing, but a drug, so every time I eat, I know that I fuck up my body, quite a heavy burden to live with and of course until I become a breatharian, I am only a mindless Matrix zombie. Many peeps think that they do the body good if they eat vegan or fruitarian, oh boy if they knew...
Bar Del Espacio ha detto…
Where is Genesis? this text was ahead of time. All the fake gurus like victor truviano, akahi & camila, supreme master tv, etc tried to discredit this guy because he put a real message for the people. I dont care about breatharianism or prana movements, this is about entire life...

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