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What Would You Do? (by Genesis Sunfire)


So I ask...


1) If you found out that you didn't really need meat to live and that all the protien was actually killing you instead of making you healthy and strong, would you stop eating meat?
2) If you found out that smoking was bad for your health and those around you, would you stop smoking?
3) If you found out that alcohol was bad for your health, would you stop drinking alcohol?
4) If you found out fast food was addictive and unhealthy would you still take your children to eat burgers, fries and milk shake?
5) If you found out that milk wasn't so healthy after all and full of growth hormones and steroids, would you still drink it?
6) If you found out that cooked/processed foods are as addictive as hard drugs would you still eat it/feed it to your children?
7) If you found out that the food you eat makes you sick, would you still eat it/feed it to your children?
8) If you found out that the same companies that make vegan food are the same companies that produce meat products with the same machines, would you still eat the vegan products?
9) If you found out that Your water supply was being poisoned would you still drink from it?
10) If you found out that you actually could live without food and liquid, would you do it?

So what would you do, we all know someone who's been in one of these situations and you may say that you have a relative that lived to be 180 and all they ate was corn chips, bread and drank coke everyday, so cooked food ain't that bad, well c'mon how many times does that ever happen and how many times do you ever hear of the 22 year old getting cancer or of children going into puberty earlier and getting obese at earlier ages...

Why aren't people able to make better decisions when it comes to diet?
Why aren't we taught about our divinity, how to maintain our auras and cleanse our bodies at school instead of being taught junk about the past?

So...What are you going to do?


G force 9 ha detto…
Surrender to the truth now, go with it all the way and build a new school...

my question is where on this earth can I do this and who would join forces with me to get it done..

Gaelle (G force 9 the ram)


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